John P. Pugsley Gardening Services


   Moving soil, sand, rocks, gravel, etc. is often back breaking work and hiring equipment is often expensive. We can help. We have specialist machines designed to break up, lift and transport materials with little effort. We can offer this service by the hour if it is only a small job or by the day if it is a bigger job. 


   We are not just limited to earth moving. We have the ability to do much more. Just a few are listed below:


   Boring: we can bore a hole between 6"(150mm) and 20"(500mm) wide and 3 feet (1 metre) deep. This is ideal for putting fence posts in through to planting trees.



   Trenching. We can create a trench 4"(100mm) wide and 24"(600mm) deep. This is ideal for laying pipes and cables.






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